Study: Sexual violence is one of the reasons for women's withdrawal from the labor market

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This article examines the results of the field study conducted by the Jordanian Women's Union, which examined sexual violence and its association with women's work and withdraw decisions. The study used the quantitative approach through conducting a survey with 2019 women within the age group (16-55) in 8 governorates. Half of the sample was employed women and the other half were unemployed women in order to do a comparison between them.

The results showed that women who experienced sexual violence in both public and private places were more likely to withdraw than those who did not experience sexual violence, where 80% of those who had withdrawn from the labour market reported that they have been subjected to some forms of sexual violence.

The study found that there was an inverse relationship between age and sexual violence; the incidence of sexual violence with the under-18 age group was the highest.

The study concluded with some recommendations to face this phenomenon with the focus on addressing the roots of the problem, through raising awareness and the existence of clear and deterrent laws for all forms of sexual violence as well as a comprehensive framework within and outside the scope of protection. 

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