“I Just Want Him to Live Like Other Jordanians”: Treatment of Non-Citizen Children of Jordanian Mothers

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This is the Human Rights Watch report on how serious restrictions imposed on non-citizen children of Jordanian women in #Jordan can trap them at the margins of society.

In Jordan, a child born to a Jordanian mother and a non-Jordanian father is considered a noncitizen in the eyes of the state. In violation of international human rights law, which obliges Jordan not to discriminate against women, Jordanian law allows only fathers to pass citizenship to their children. It does not allow Jordanian women to even confer automatic long-term residency on their children. Despite government promises to grant these individuals key economic and social rights, non-citizen children of Jordanian women continue to face legal restrictions that trap many of them at the margins of Jordanian society.

Two Human Rights Watch researchers examined 34 cases of non-citizen children of Jordanian women denied fundamental rights. Researchers carried out interviews with 16 Jordanian mothers, 25 non-citizen children of Jordanian mothers, and three foreign spouses. This report uses pseudonyms for all interviewees to protect their privacy and their security. Researchers also met with activists and government officials involved in this issue.

This report covers the gap between government promises and implemented reform, barriers to obtaining ID cards, and “imaginary privileges”. Also, the report concuded with recommendations on different livels, some to the ministries, some to the parliament, and some to the associations. 

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