Freedom in the World 2015 - Discarding Democracy: A Return to the Iron Fist

Arch Puddington
Freedom House
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This 2015 report, published by Freedom House, focuses on democratic governance around the globe, examining the various gains and declines in democratic standards within each region of the world. The report identifies the presence of a negative pattern throughout 2014, with more democratic declines than gains in the Middle East and North Africa, Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and the Americas, and an even split in the Asia-Pacific region. Looking beyond these general trends, the report asserts that, along with the emergence of popular movements for democratic change, the past year also brought clear evidence of crisis in major undemocratic states. The report aims to indicate how the undemocratic, often corrupt practices assumed by these states often lead to civil war, humanitarian crises, economic  instability, and the growth of trans-national terrorist movements.

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