Improved Access to Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for Vulnerable Youth & Women Refugees and Host Population Members Residing In Irbid, Jordan: A Market Assessment of Bani Kinanah and North Mazar Districts

Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF), Oxfam
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European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP)
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This market assessment in Bani Kinanah and North Mazar is one part of a project that seeks to improve the socio-economic situation of Jordanian and Syrian women and youth by building their skills and experience to better identify and access
job opportunities and build their capacities to plan and manage their own income generating initiatives. In addition, the project will identify and address structural barriers that prevent their full participation in the work force to ensure sustainable
change. The action’s specific objective is to enhance access to sustainable livelihood opportunities through suppor to income generation for vulnerable women and young people among the refugee and host population in Irbid.

To better understand the barriers and challenges faced by employers and employees in the municipalities of North Mazar and Bani Kinanah, a market assessment was conducted. This includes both quantitative and qualitative data collection. The survey was used to understand the broader picture of the market in those two municipalities, with the qualitative focus groups being used for deeper insights into the issues faced by the various cohorts as validation of the results. The assessment also includes supplementary qualitative data gathered through the FADFED research methodology, an innovative data collection method pioneered in Jordan.


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