The KidsRights Index Report 2018

Kids Rights Foundation, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus School of economics
Kids Rights Foundation
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The KidsRights index report 2018 aims to evaluate the ranks and the score of the countries including industrialized countries, countries located in Latin America and Caribbean, countries in Middle East and North Africa , countries in Asia and Pacific continents and countries in the African continents on the kidsRights index. The purpose of creating KidsRights Index is to stimulate attention for the state of respect of children’s across the world. In this report, KidsRights, Erasmus School of Economics and International Institute of Social Studies offer some suggestions on what should be done to improve the ranks of the countries who achieved the lowest scores on the KidsRights Index. One of those suggestions is that there is a need for improving the cooperation between civil society and the state.The authors of this report came into a conclusion that children suffer from discrimination in all the countries such as countries in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the MENA region. Also this report also came into a conclusion that the principles of best interests of the children are nowhere fully implemented. The authors emphasize the importance of collecting more data concerning the situation of particular groups of children in a particular country.

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