Reversing the Gender Bias against Jordanian Women Married to Non-Jordanians or Foreigners (JWMNJ)

Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF)
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European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)
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The purpose of this study is to expose the challenges facing Jordanian women and their non-Jordanian husbands and children. The study presented a cost benefit analysis of potentially granting residency and civil rights to this group in order to provide policymakers with an accurate picture of the impact of addressing this inequality from an economic perspective. Additionally, the study highlights the impact of denial on children of these marriages specifically with reference to their sense of identity and belonging. The methodology of this study is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research. The sample size of the quantitative survey included 230 Jordanian men married to foreigners and 210 Jordanian women married to foreigners from Zarqa, Aqaba, Sahab, Madaba and Balqa. nationality and Jordanian mothers

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