The Widening Educational Gap for Syrian Refugee Children

Kids Rights Foundation, Wannes Carlier
Kids Rights Foundation
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This report analyses the different barriers for Syrian refugee children to access primary and secondary education in the five neighboring countries that host the highest number of school-aged Syrian children: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. It is the result of an analysis of public data and reports on education for Syrian children in five neigbouring countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. These include donor conference reports and reports established by UN agencies, NGOs, and human rights groups. Despite commitments made in London in 2016 to provide US$1.4 billion and additional pledges of the international community in Brussels a year later, alongside commitments from host countries to ensure access to quality education for all Syrian children, the international donors have failed to delivered their financial commitments and host countries maintain restrictive policies that keep children out of school. The result has been a complex mix of problems, not least of all the fact that more than 40% of all school-aged Syrian children living in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq still do not have access to education.

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