Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises: Methodology Report

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Professor Lorraine van Blerk, Wayne Shand
University of Dundee , Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF)
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UK Government (Ukaid)
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This methodology report complements the Synthesis Report, Policy Briefing and the interactive online story map produced for the 'Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises' research project. The aim here is to elaborate upon the innovative methodological processes used and outline good practice for working with young people in difficult circumstances. The Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises project was established with the aim to explore how youth experience and navigate pathways to adulthood when growing up in situations of protracted crises. The objectives of the research were developed to examine the multi-faceted dimensions of transitions from the perspective of young refugees in urban and camp settings.

The project used a participatory approach, with young people taking a leading role in all aspects of the research. In each country 8 Youth Researchers were recruited and trained to work on the project. The Youth Researchers conducted the surveys, narrative interviews, input into story mapping and contributed to data analysis and reporting.

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