Youth Transitions in Protracted Crises - Synthesis Report

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Professor Lorraine van Blerk, Wayne Shand
University of Dundee , Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF)
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UK Government (Ukaid)
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This report provides a synthesis of the data collected and analysed through the research, focusing on the factors that accelerate or delay transitions of young refugees into adulthood. In order to make this report operationally relevant, emphasis is given here to findings that appear to have importance for the design of policy and multi-agency programming.
The report begins with a brief overview of the context of protracted crisis and a conceptual frame for youth transitions, building from academic and policy literature. The background information is followed by an overview of the research methods employed for this study and then moves to discuss the key findings in each case study country. These have been structured around 14 case studies that illustrate the challenges of particular pathways to adulthood experienced by young refugees in the research. The report then concludes and provides summary recommendations.

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