Frequently Asked Questions

What is HAQQI?

It is a Human Rights Information Zone consisting of information from various sources about human rights issues in Jordan.


What are the different components in HAQQI?

HAQQI consists of three components: legislation, research and media.

Legislation: comprises of legislation pertaining to human rights in Jordan including national legislation as well as regional and international conventions and agreements signed by Jordan.

Research: includes research conducted by national and international institutions as well as individuals. Different types of research in HAQQI includes research papers, policy briefs, conference proceedings and training manuals.

Media: includes links to relevant media sources as well as videos and info-graphics on human rights in Jordan.


Who can benefit from HAQQI?

Anyone who is interested in human rights or simply would like to learn more about human rights issues in Jordan, can benefit from HAQQI. It was designed in a simple and user-friendly way in order to cater to as many people as possible from different ages and professions, including students, journalists, activists, academics, policy makers and civil society. 


How can I get in touch and learn more?

You can get in touch with us for any inquiries, comments or feedback through