Human Development Report 2003

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United Nations Development Programme
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This report provides an assessment of the Millennium Development Goals, laid out by the UN Millennium Declaration. The UN Millennium Declaration was adopted in September of 2000 as a commitment on the part of the world's leading nations to reduce poverty, improve health and promote peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability. The Millennium Development Goals are specific, measurable targets that aim to reduce extreme global poverty by the year 2015. This report analyzes the challenges and barriers to meeting these goals as of 2003, examining the successes and failures of various nations and the gaps that exist between regions and countries with regards to economic growth and human development. This report then examines the successes and failures of public and private policies with regards to hunger, health, water and sanitation, education, and environmental sustainability. This report also analyzes the participation of civil society throughout the world and the mobilization of grassroots support for the various human development goals. Finally, this report presents a number of recommendations on what countries can do to best support these goals.

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