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About Haqqi

Haqqi - Open to All to Access Global Trade Launched in 2014 by the King Hussein Foundation and supported by the Rule of Law Initiative - the American Bar Association and USAID. The name 'Haqqi' stands for the right of access to information on the other hand


Research and Publication

Research creates knowledge. This section contains a topic specific to human rights issues in Jordan, in the context of local and international institution or institutions. Take these in the form of research papers, take policy, conference proceedings, or training manuals.


Legislations and Conventions 

Universal human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law.  The legislative component of HAQQI comprises of laws pertaining to human rights and Jordan including national legislation as well as regional and international conventions and agreements signed by Jordan. 



In HAQQI’s media component, have a look at info-graphs, videos, and video-graphs about various human rights issues in Jordan.

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