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Information and Research - King Hussein Foundation
Information and Research - King Hussein Foundation
4 April، 2023

Limitations to the Freedom of Association of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan (Submission to the Human Rights Council the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Jordan (Fourth Cycle Jan. – Feb. 2024) – 45th Session).

UPR submission - The Arab Women Organization (AWO) & IRCKHF

In 2023, AWO and IRCKHF conducted a legal analysis of the national legal framework governing the
work of associations without religious, political, or labor interests in six Arab nations, including Jordan. The Jordan section findings are utilized for this UPR stakeholder's submission.
The report also identified legal barriers, administrative restrictions, and practices that impede the
formation and work of CSOs in accordance with international standards outlined in human rights
conventions and relevant documents.
The report was compiled using a combination of methodologies. It incorporated doctrinal legal study with the objective of examining legal statutes, concepts, and principles in order to provide a reasonable assessment and correlating conclusion. In addition, a qualitative approach was used to gain a deeper understanding of the law's applicability, practices, and implementation by interviewing key informants. This combined method approach produced an in-depth understanding of the legislative framework, uncovered violations of international norms, and evaluated the impact of these violations on associations.

Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF)
The Arab Women Organization (AWO)
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Information and Research - King Hussein Foundation
Information and Research - King Hussein Foundation

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