Combatting Violence Against Women in the Arab Region: Multisectoral Efforts

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
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to provide an initial review of the services available to victims of violence against women in ESCWA member countries and to evaluate the referral systems for the protection of victims and for the provision of the services they need, so as to find the best areas of intervention to help stakeholders develop and scale up their services to meet international standards, noting that the present preliminary study does not include a comprehensive survey of all services and does not carry out a detailed evaluation of their quality. In line with the principle of due diligence, the present study divides governmental services and programmes provided to victims of violence into three categories: protection services; rehabilitation services; and prevention programmes. Also it's worth to mention that this report is divided into three part  that cover the following: government services for victims of violence against women; non-governmental services for victims; and proposals for the development of such services. Data was gathered from national mechanisms in ESCWA member countries and from nongovernmental organizations through questionnaires designed to gauge the work of both the governmental and non-governmental sectors and to identify gaps that stakeholders could bridge, especially United Nations agencies.The questionnaire was sent by mass e-mail to over 200 non-governmental organizations, using networks such as the following: Al-Kawthar Network, Aisha Network and Salma Network (regional networks); Shama’ Network in Jordan; and Shima` network in Yemen.

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