Omnibus Survey Analysis Assessment of Public Perceptions of Water and Energy Utilities in Jordan and Expectations of Disi Water

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
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The report aims to determine public attitudes towards water and energy utilities and assess public perception of Disi water, scheduled to begin serving Amman residents in 2012. It is based on an omnibus survey, structured, quantitative and in-person interviews with 1000 respondents representing adult males and females across the twelve governorates of Jordan. This research is part of the was conducted as part of the Public Action in Water, Energy, and Environmental Project to initiate and establish clear and identifiable behavioral changes amongst the Jordanian public and decision-makers, to lead to increased efficiency in the use of water and energy, and to improve solid waste handling practices. The findings of the survey show that while a majority of respondents could correctly identify their water provider, nearly a quarter could not and more than half of the respondents believe they are paying water rates that are unreasonable for the quality of water service they receive. The report confirm that the customer experience with both water and electrical utility companies can be improved and increasing awareness of the sound quality of the Disi water would support the public perceptions to continue to shift in a positive direction.

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