Survey Finding of Young People's Knoweldge, Attitudes & Behaviors: Gaps in Environmental Education Curricula & Teachers' Competencies Formal Sector

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
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The report aims to learn about young people's knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors with regards to water conservation, energy conservation, and waste management, and it assess these against the learning objectives of the curriculum. It discovers that students' knowledge was sufficient and at times more sophisticated than that founded in the curriculum even though their attitudes and behaviors remain largely unchanged. The object of the survey pertains to the objectives of the Public Action for Water, Energy, and Environment Project, which revolve around education for young people, teachers and youth leaders to develop their knowledge and ethical values and attitudes. The survey focuses on assessing young people and educator's current awareness of water and energy resources and waste reduction and evaluating formal curriculum resources. The report points at the gap of translating young people's knowledge into genuine interest, concern and action and proposes set of targeted actions including development of relevant resources and additional supplemental materials, age-relevant projects to support environmental concepts in the national curriculum and assignment of environmental coordinator at all schools.

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