Water and Energy Related Interviews for Large Jordanian Consumers

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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
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The report aims to better understand and quantify the attitude and the levels of awareness amongst large consumers of water and energy, and it presents the findings of the interviews conducted with a representative sample of large consumers to better understand trends and behaviors related to water and energy consumption. The research was conducted as part of the Jordan Public Action in Water, Energy, and Environment Project (PAP) under the Prosperity, Livelihoods, and Conserving Ecosystems (PLACE), which aims to initiate and establish clear and identifiable behavioral changes amongst the Jordanian public and decision-makers. The study categorizes large consumers into a number of main sectors including hotel and restaurant sectors, commercial sector, hospitals, government buildings and industrial sector, and the field surveys were collected as a random sample of different industries, state and commercial buildings. The research finds that the majority of large consumers neither monitor their water nor their energy consumptions via sub-metering scheme, showing that the majority of large consumers are not able to accurately determine the areas within their establishments that are the most consuming. This finding identifies four major obstacles in implementing the water and energy saving practices including, lack of awareness, lack of incentive programs amongst employees, higher prices for higher quality savings devices and lack of proper maintenance.

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