Adolescent girls in Jordan: The State of the Evidence

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
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This situation analysis attempts to pull together the thin and fractured evidence base regarding adolescent girls living in Jordan as both a stand-alone resource as well as to inform the participatory research that the GAGE programme is initiating in 2017. Beginning with a brief overview of the broader Jordanian context, as well as a short history of the Syrian Crisis, the paper then turns to an analysis of the existing evidence as to how
adolescents are faring vis-à-vis the capability domains laid out in the GAGE conceptual framework: education, physical health and nutrition, bodily integrity, psychosocial wellbeing, voice and agency and economic empowerment. Where possible the analysis disaggregate between populations of girls in GAGE exploration of each of these domains. Then turn to a discussion of the actors working in Jordan to improve girls’ outcomes, and the change strategies they are employing.

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