A Region in Motion: Reflections from West Asia-North Africa

WANA Institute
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The West Asia-North Africa region sits at a complex crossroads where the impacts of chronic conflict, cultural fragmentation, and geopolitical interests collide. It is easy to think of the region’s future in pessimistic terms, yet while conflict and disaster provide a myriad of challenges, they also contain lessons to be learned. A Region in Motion: Reflections from West Asia-North Africa, an anthology of research conducted by the WANA Institute, highlights the potential for experiential learning that accompanies motion. Chapters relating to pressing issues such as climate change, human displacement, the rise of violent extremism, and the faltering social contract encourage policy-makers and development actors to seize the opportunities contained in motion when mapping out the pathways to a conflict-free, economically stable, and sustainable region.

WANA Institute

As a non-profit think tank based in Amman, Jordan, the WANA Institute strives to provide policy makers with knowledge from the region, for the region, under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal. With our progressive, interdisciplinary research on sustainable development, social justice and human security, we hope to contribute to regional policies that are evidence-based. The WANA Institute also regularly organises conferences and trainings, where unlikely partners have the chance to meet and discuss development issues in a non-politicised space.

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