Time for a Legal Reform that Brings More Justice to Divorced Jordanian Women

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This article, published in 2015,  tells the story of female journalist Rula Amin who was arrested in Amman because of an appeal of an "expedient custody" court decision granted to her. Rula Amin is a divorced Jordanian mother who was fighting for the custody of her daughter. This article discusses the discrimination and injustices that women face in Jordan, particularly in relation to the custody of their children. It goes on to explain about the lack of accountability in shari'a court systems, and the misrepresentation of the law that often takes place there. The author of this article explains that progress in ensuring a personal status law that is more fair to women must address two key elements: the issue of oversight and accountability, and the recognition of the existence of discriminatory and patriarchal values amongst many of the "all male" judges and junior officials in shari’a courts.

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