Economic and Social Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Francesca Ruisi, Musa Shteiwi
Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) - University of Jordan
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Policy Paper
The paper analyses the socioeconomic characteristics of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Secondly it reviews the economic impact of the refugees by focusing on the impact on the national labour markets and social relations between the refugees and host communities. The last section of the contribution consists in the assessment of the policies that have been implemented in Jordan and Lebanon especially for what concerns humanitarian needs of refugees and the mitigation of the impact on the local population. Conclusively, it discusses what has been learnt and provide recommendations for future policies that may be adopted by refugee host countries and the international community in order to response more adequately and efficiently to the refugee crisis and mitigate its effects in Jordan and Lebanon. The analysis conducted in this chapter is based on primary and secondary data produced by international organisations and by the Lebanese and Jordanian governments. Additionally, data based on surveys conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) on Syrian refugees in Jordan and the surveys conducted on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are scientifically accounted.

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