Arab Women in the Labour Market: Empirical Implications and Policy Orientation

Sami Miaari
The Galilee Society The Arab National Society For Health Research & Services
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"This policy paper focuses analytically on the budget of the Ministry of Industry,Trade and Labor through the lens of ethnicity and gender. It is part of a broader research project on “centering gender and ethnicity in the state budget”, which seeks to raise awareness of the budget, increase transparency in the budgeting process, and achieve maximum public involvement in ensuring this process’ equitability. The project at large focuses on understanding the political and economic system’s effects on poverty among Arab women in Israel, so done through a thorough study of the state budget in three main Ministries: those of Health, Industry, and Education, respectively. The project’s primary goal is to convince decision-makers to adopt a more gender sensitive budget by encouraging them to take into account the aspects of gender and ethnicity while preparing the distribution of public resources through the budget. Such an achievement, we believe, will advance social justice and equality between men and women in general, and between Arab men and women in particular. The budgets of three government Ministries have been identified as having the most decisive impact on poverty levels among Arab women. This research project was shared by three Arab organization: The Galilee Society – The Arab National Society for Health Research & Services, Rikaz – The Databank of the Arab Community in Israel; Mada Al-Carmel – Arab Center for Applied Social Research; and I’Lam – Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel."

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