Shadow Report: Substantive Equality and Non-Discrimination in Jordan

Mosawa Network, Campaign “My Mother is Jordanian and Her Nationality is My Right”
The Arab Women Organization (AWO), Solidaridad International
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For more information and to get the full report please contact The Arab Women Organization (AWO).

Available in hard copy only at AWO, this report (book) addressed CEDAW Committee by providing a solid and up-to-date information set and analysis of positive policies and legislation taken for women’s advancement and weaknesses that are delaying progress and sustaining disparities. The report covers six components: 1. Jordan’s reservations on CEDAW, 2. Harmonization of CEDAW into legislation, 3. Political representation, 4. Violent against women, 5. Equal rights in the family, 6. Conditions of vulnerable and marginalized women. It also provides an overall assessment of the six components covering 3 areas: assessment of the official efforts towards the implementation of CEDAW, also, assessment of the civil society efforts and strategies towards monitoring Jordan’s commitment to obligations, and suggested recommendations for the new concluding observations.

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