Jordan Human Development Report - Jordan Small Businesses and Human Development

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Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
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This report explores the role of Small and Medium-Enterprises (SME), as an agent for sustainable human development in Jordan. It analyzes SMEs and their contribution to human development using fours key central pillars of human development, namely: economic growth that is equitable and pro-poor, social progress, participation and empowerment through micro finance, and environmental sustainability. The report analyses the link between SMEs and empowerment or lack thereof, with a specific focus on the two issues of employment, as a tool for empowerment, and the capacity of SMEs to enhance the position of women within the workforce and home. The report findings were based on extensive research, a survey of 1,500 firms and focus groups discussions conducted across the governorates of Jordan. The report proposed general recommendations in terms of institutional coordination, exports, cluster groups, quality standard, government monitoring, tax law, local development, youth empowerment and the increase of minimum wage.

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