Jordan 2012 Human Rights Report

United States Department of State - Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
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This report aimed to show the most significant human rights problems in Jordan, which were: mistreatment and allegations of torture by security and government officials with impunity, and restrictions on freedom of expression that limited the ability of citizens and media to criticize government policies and officials, Also included poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and denial of due process through administrative detention, prolonged detention, and allegations of nepotism and the influence of special interests on the judiciary. The government continued to infringe on citizens’ privacy rights. Violence against women was widespread, and abuse of children persisted. Legal and societal discrimination and harassment remained a problem for women. Discrimination against persons with disabilities was a problem. Legal and societal discrimination against persons of Palestinian origin remained widespread. The government restricted labor (labour) rights and local and international human rights organizations reported high levels of abuse of foreign domestic workers. The main themes in this report are: Right to work, Right to privacy, Right to education, racial discrimination, Discrimination against women, Right to freedom of movement, Right to freedom of expression, Right to freedom of association, Right to freedom of religion, violence, child labor (labour), Right to due process/ fair trial, Right to participation, Right to social security.

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